Our professional vision and values

Turgeman CPAs was established to provide the finest quality of professional services by employing the highest level of skill and confidentiality. Our firm reaches out to the wider community and environs, to businesses and individuals alike, with a rich diversity of services. You, our client, and your financial needs, are the focus of our work. Our primary goal is to provide solutions that are effective and timely and tailored to your needs.

1 . Reliability and Fairness: Reliability and fairness are driving values of our firm. We believe that you, the client, deserve our candid honesty and focus. Our clients understand that their success is our goal. And to that end, we prefer straight talk over ‘feel good’ estimates.

2. Professionalism, Creativity and Excellence: We strive to provide solutions that are timely and creative with a deep understanding of your unique style. In addition, we continually seek a level of professionalism unsurpassed by our peers.

3. Cutting-Edge Professional Development: Our staff finds in Turgeman CPAs a healthy environment for professional development. In accordance with firm requirements, our employees stay on top of the latest trends, advances, regulations and procedures. Your personal Turgeman advisor is an expert in current technique and procedure; keeping you steps ahead of your competition.

4. Community Responsibility: Turgeman CPAs is founded upon a feeling of responsibility for the surrounding community’s wellbeing. We believe that the ability to ‘give back’ is an important component of any professional firm’s growth in the business environment.

5. Appropriate Fee Structure: You will find that our fees are the most competitive of their kind in our field of services. Our full disclosure policy will always keep you informed of all our services that you expect and approve. We tailor our services exactly to your needs and constraints. There is no worry of hidden or unnecessary charges. Our goal is to protect and build your assets while guarding you from extraneous expenses.

6. Pleasant and Personal: We uphold the highest standards of respect and care for our clients and their goals.

7. Our Motto: “A gram of planning avoids a kilo of crisis”: Turgeman CPAs are a team gifted with professional forethought. We help our clients envision the likely consequences of a variety of plans or solutions. Our value of long term planning is immeasurably more valuable than any crisis management offered by other firms. We help you choose the best plan for your individual and business goals via advanced methods of evaluation and prediction. In addition, our vast experience helps you make the most successful judgements towards your long-term goals.

We believe that success goes ‘hand in hand’ with excellent and professional service. Our deepest concern is that our clients feel that they receive the very best in personalized advice.