Financial and Business Consultation

Three professional accountants comprise the professional staff of Turgeman CPAs. The combined expertise and experience of our staff give Turgemans a unique ability to serve all business and financial needs of our clients. Accounting, Economics, Business Administration prove a wide scope of service in rank with the finest firms in Israel.

We specialize in focused advisory and consulting services, continual follow up mentoring, ongoing financial analysis and planning. We guide our clients in pricing, budgeting, business mergers and purchases, cash flow, tax planning, internal control and a host of other financial services. Our financial reporting services give our clients, cutting edge and up to the minute information needed in today’s demanding and time sensitive business world. Each and every client plan is designed uniquely in response to the organization’s specific needs.

Turgeman CPAs breadth of services:

Construction, High Tech, investment and manufacturing industries are all served by our firm. Our professional relationship starts at the initial investment of owner capital and continues through growth and all phases of business development.

Our firm will expertly guide you in managing your cash flow. How to best time account receivable collection and account payable disbursements. How to best balance capital in versus capital out. We also will guide you in budgeting and administration of pension programs.

For Whom is Business guidance most fitting?

Business guidance is for all who desire to operate their businesses wisely. How to reap the greatest benefit after sowing the businesses first seeds. Those who desire to focus on marketing and sales and understanding the pros and cons of multiple strategies. Business owners who are not embarrassed to seek professional help and implementing Turgeman CPAs recommendations to their business plans. Business owners like you, who use accounting services as a means of realizing potential and growth and not only as a means of response to governmental financial reporting requirements.

Business that find themselves with difficult challenges and need professional guidance.

Successful businesses looking to grow and extend their scope of service or product.

Business that desire to transform from sole proprietorship into a corporate entity.

And business minded individual or organization who desires to expand its knowledge in its product, service or profession.

Turgeman CPAs professional business consultants are ready to help you find the opportunities by which you can develop and increase income to their maximum levels.